Why your clients always get motivated call-centre agents on the other end of the phone

“Do you have a minute?”

No one has time for an impersonal conversation. Therefore we only work with spontaneous, friendly call-centre agents. We don’t ensure this by demanding it, but by creating a working environment where our staff feel happy.  

Call-centre agents are involved in every strategic meeting

Every telemarketing project is unique. Therefore, it is essential that every call-centre agent is kept fully up-to-date with regard to the details that are important to you. And because they our most important hands-on experts, they take part in all meetings where strategic guidelines are set out. 

Swapping keeps call-centre agents fresh

Routine is a part of telemarketing. But neither clients, respondents nor call-centre agents want telephone calls to be made on automatic pilot. Therefore we allow our staff to choose projects with which they have an affinity.

Quality is more important than a number

We don’t only assess our call-centre agents on the basis of figures or their success ratio. This is because it is useless for us to arrange a dozen appointments for you if they have no qualitative value; in fact, it’s a waste of time.

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