More time, more clients and better sales results thanks to a dedicated call-centre agent who plans your appointments

Don’t lose your sales focus and let a call-centre agent who knows how you like to work manage your appointment planning. After every meeting, you have the option of dictating the visit report and the follow-up that needs to be planned over the phone. 

  • Input into your CRM system in real time
  • Callbacks, follow-up conversations and meeting requests
  • Important info that you want for the next meeting
  • Appointment reminders for you and your contacts by text message, e-mail or phone

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Direct line to your call-centre agent

As you can focus on the core tasks of your job, and the follow-up of all your potential clients is taken care of, the number of qualitative appointments that you have every week will increase. This way, your planning will be completely coordinated with your work rhythm and preferences.

Your call-centre agent takes account of:

  • Your work schedule and private appointments
  • Last-minute changes to your calendar
  • The time that you need to drive between appointments

Follow your project’s developments via our online tool

You can log into our online tool whenever you like, so you can follow your project’s developments in real time. You can see every appointment and every telephone call that our call-centre agents make for you.

Tell us what your sales agenda looks like

We will assign you a call-centre agent who will manage your appointment planning.

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“I notice that the sales agents who call me are relieved that they can leave their appointment planning and follow-up to me. I find it easier to retain a helicopter view of their diaries.”


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