How we follow up on 100% of your contacts in the short and long term

In every phase of your marketing or sales activities you can count on phone support, so no contact will fall off the radar. 

  • Call-centre agents who follow up on your project using a closed-loop approach
  • 360° approach by following up on your social media campaigns, mail-outs and events
  • We only call your contacts when it suits them, whatever time or day (24/7)

The strategy and approach is tested during a test case

When you post an advert, you can never be 100% sure about how much your investment will bring in. Thanks to our call-centre agents, you will now be able to more easily assess the impact of telemarketing. Together we adjust the approach and strategy until you are happy with the output.

  • Test case included in the start-up costs of your project
  • Strategic kick-off meeting with your sales or marketing people and our call-centre agents

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  • Database selection
  • Pre-call (updating and improving)
  • Handwritten mail-out by post
  • Personalised mail-out by e-mail
  • Tracking & tracing website
  • Telemarketing
  • Meetings
  • Sales


Planning the right action after speaking to someone is often more important than the call itself

All your contacts stay on our call-centre agents’ radar. Depending on the project flow and the response from your existing or potential clients, our call-centre agents immediately plan a new task or provide feedback to your CRM system.

Follow the project in real time using specialised software

Your sales and marketing teams can follow every telemarketing project in real time thanks to software that records progress and responses.

  • Software developed in-house that your staff can access at any time, from any location
  • Open-source code makes it possible to establish a link with most CRM systems
  • Let our call-centre agents perform a distance clean-up of your CRM system 

Let us follow up on your contacts from A to Z

We work out a strategy that suits your objectives and budget, from opt-ins to long-term lead nurturing.

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