Get to know your target markets and target audience better through telephone research

Don’t leave your strategic questions about potential and existing clients or markets unanswered. Our call-centre agents ensure that you get answers by conducting telephone research. Thanks to this information you are able to better define your sales and marketing strategy.

We take care of the entire process:

  • Definition and delineation of your survey questions
  • Selection of the respondents
  • Telephone surveys using various questioning techniques
  • Written report and analysis of the information received

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To understand is more valuable than to know

Telephone research is an ideal way to collect information that may not be 100% measurable, but is nevertheless highly informative. Your intuition is important when it comes to trying out new things or taking a different strategic approach, but market research will help you understand why something is - or isn’t - a good idea.

  • What do your clients’ thought processes?
  • What is happening in a particular target group?
  • Which conscious or unconscious motivations determine the behaviour of your potential or existing clients?
  • Why do people in your target group choose (or do not choose) your products or services?

Let us conduct a little market research

To help you gain a stronger strategic foothold. 

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"Ik heb zelf jarenlang aan cold-calling gedaan en weet daardoor hoe moeilijk dat is, maar ook welke aanpak het best werkt. Onze callagents denken daar ook actief aan mee."


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