Optimise your database and get advice when you are buying address files

Your database is an essential resource for your marketing and sales departments. To turn an address file into an instrument you can actually work with, you need expertise, time and manpower. Our call-centre agents will be happy to help you optimise your databases. 

  • Updating your database
  • Controlling opt-ins
  • Structuring your database

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What are your precise aims for your database?

You enrich a database by having a particular objective in mind. Your direct mail-outs must bring results and you only want to invite valuable contacts to your events. Therefore, our first step is to meet with you to devise a strategy that fits your sales and marketing objectives.

  • Orientation meeting to determine your objectives
  • Strategic proposal with budget estimate
  • Possible collaboration with external database providers

Ensure that your departments work with reliable client details  

Our call-centre agents check your existing clients, your potential clients or your target groups.

Make an appointmentor call +32 (0)3 205 52 52

“I quickly realise when someone has no time or desire for a brief conversation. Out of respect for the respondent I finish the call quickly and try to ring back at a better time.”


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