Get to know our team

Koen manager

“I’m not so much interested in the number of phone calls that my call-centre agents make every week: quality is my number-one priority. This is why our call-centre agents discuss our clients’ objectives with them in detail to identify the best strategy. The earlier we are involved in the process, the better.”

Sylvie call-centre agent

“I like to make calls, but I am especially satisfied once I get the feeling respondents truly appreciate my calls. That’s my aim when I lift the receiver, every single time.”

Miranda call-centre agent

“I am well-aware of the efforts and care companies spend on customer-relations. Accordingly, it’s important we sit together and learn about the company’s style and approach. Once I’m briefed, I feel like I already know the respondents.”

Mejdoline call-centre agent

“Listening carefully is often more important than talking. If the respondent feels someone is genuinely listening, conversations become much more natural.”

Siham call-centre agent

“I don’t mind calling outside the office hours. If that means respondents have more time to respond, I even prefer it.”

Dave call-centre agent

“I don’t think that a good call-centre agent necessarily has to be extraverted. Every agent has his or her own style, so we’re always assigned projects that are a good match.”

Sally office manager

“I love brainstorming with clients and guiding a project towards a good conclusion. I feel great when I’m able to transmit a client’s enthusiasm to his or her potential customer.”

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