We generate and qualify telephone leads that make your sales and marketing strategy pay off even more

Making random calls in order to generate leads takes time, energy and money. In order to avoid that, we identify inerter sting potential clients before the first phone call.

  • Cold-calling with respect for your clients
  • Segmenting databases
  • Immediate qualifying and follow-up possible
  • Direct line between your staff and the call-centre agents

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A credible telephone script gives your prospective clients confidence in you

As your potential clients have had enough of hard-sell tactics, natural sales conversations deliver the most. Therefore, our call-centre agents do not work with standard questionnaires but will first meet with your marketing or sales people to decide on the best possible approach.

  • How is your business organised?
  • To which triggers will your potential clients react?
  • Why should potential clients listen to you?
  • How are you going to follow up on them?

Tell us what you want to achieve in your search for new clients

We come up with an approach that best suits your target group and test this together during a pre-call.

Make an appointmentor call +32 (0)3 205 52 52

“I did cold-calling for years and so I know how difficult it is, but I also know which approach works best. Our call-centre agents also actively take this into consideration.” 


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